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It’s time for a change in Florida’s 7th congressional district. We need to shake things up. The status quo isn’t working anymore. You can either sit back and complain about the state of affairs in today’s world or you can do something about it. You can support Scott Harris, a Libertarian who aims to make a difference, to make Florida a better place to live. It’s in your hands. With your donations, we can be the change that we want to see in Florida with the help of a man who believes in protecting your freedom. The choice is yours.

What Scott Harris Represents

Scott Harris looks at the way things are and imagines the way that they could be. However, it is going to take more than imagination to make it happen. Florida needs action, not mere words, if there is going to be a brighter tomorrow. You can help make that happen with your donation to Scott Harris’ campaign. Scott Harris borrows his political philosophy from our founding father’s as a firm believer in supporting the personal freedoms of his constituency.┬áHe may be considered a radical by many, but his propositions make good sense to most. Freedom to make our own choices is one of the things that made this country so great. What happened along the way that made us think we needed over-zealous politicians and bureaucrats making decisions in our lives?

From legalizing drugs and allowing Florida’s citizens to make their own choices about their lives, to making treatment for addiction readily accessible, Harris sees two sides of the coin. He understands that many of the problems that surround drug use are due to the fact that it is illegal. As a result, people will do anything to buy and sell, resulting in a mess that overflows into the prisons. Legalize drugs and the drug wars will cease and fewer citizens will fall under the spell when such substances are no longer forbidden. When you send your hard-earned dollars to Scott Harris’ campaign, he will put your money to work when he enters the 7th congressional district.

A Non-Traditional Approach from a Non-Traditional Man

Scott Harris understands that the system is failing Florida’s citizens. As a Florida native who was raised in a family that did not fit the norm, a home that had two mothers, he has learned to think outside of the box. That means putting freedom of choice at the forefront of his campaign, from the right for rehabilitative programs for those who have not committed serious, legal offenses to a free market approach in the economy. If you value your freedom, donate to Scott Harris’ campaign to bring positive changes to the state that you love.